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PURE FINE SILVER - SYMMETRICAL Unbalanced RCA Interconnect Cables (Ruby Range) 1 x Pair

Regular price $150.00 AUD

Add our audiophile-grade Unbalanced RCA Interconnect Cables in your system to connect preferred audio devices including CD Players, Amplifiers, DACs, PreAmps, Power amps and media players for outstanding results.


  AVAILABLE with GROUNDING Wire Under Colour Options

with added Shielding for Minimal Noise

Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables: Polished 99.9% solid silver core signal feed & return/earth, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.)

  • Solid core silver to minimise Skin Effect and oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.
  • Spiral braided copper shielding terminated to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) & EMI
  • Teflon insulator (with air gap techique) best insulator next to a vacuum
  • Mylar Foil spiral wrapped resulting in overlapping to ensure minimum 130% coverage for additional shielding
  • EDPM outer casing for Excellent durability, flexibility and electrical properties
  • Finished with PET Expandable Braid for extra protection and visual aesthetics
  • Audiophile quality Rhodium Plated with Carbon Fibre Barrel insert RCA plugs (Twist Lock)
  • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A worthwhile upgrade

Very pleased with the cables and service. Cables are always subjective and very dependent on an individual’s taste. I found the Rubies to be very transparent offering more detail than my previous cables. It was like an upgrade to my phono stage.

Thank you Antony for your comments, very happy to hear you are please with your Ruby cables

Matt Willims
Great value cables

Much like the Diamond series these are fantastically detailed cables with a wide open sound stage though the Diamond do have a slight edge over them. I'd call these extremely neutral. They're not bright sounding, nor bright nor warm. They just let the signal through unimpeded.

This is by no means a bad thing. It simply means that if you want colour you'll need to add it elsewhere in the sound chain.

Very Happy

Firstly...very helpful and easy to deal with. Cable is a great build quality and in my system has bought out more of everything...in a very good way. Very natural with more dynamics and detail. Increased width and depth of sound stage. Was using good quality "brand name" cables costing many multiples more than these. Very impressed. Waiting on my speaker cables now!!! Highly recommend.

Ian C
A high quality silver cable reflecting the inherent character of your system/component

I’ve only just started breaking in the new ruby cables and I know they won’t disappoint. My 2nd purchase from Warwick and again prompt delivery and well packed product. The previously purchased Diamond cables make my new streamer sound open, resolving and transparent. All silver cables aren't the same, Warwick’s cables are beautifully made and natural sounding. No edge, brightness or harshness, just instrumental fullness and detail. A magnificent cable for twice the price. Buy Aussie I say.

greg orr
superb cables highly recommended

I got a pair of these interconnects for my turntable, the build quality is just incredible hats of how do they sound well, deep more extended rich, bloody fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to order again and fit out the rest of my system with Robertsons cables.