About Us

As an avid Hi Fi enthusiast with a high appreciation for fine sounding audio, I have been on a continual pursuit to extract the very best sound from my systems. Being rather frugal, I struggled to justify the expense of the high end commercially available cables on the market, so from my small workshop in Brisbane, I made it my mission to develop my own without the exorbitant price tag.

After many hours of research, listening, testing and continual improvement, I can now offer a range of audio cables of true audiophile quality that rivals many of the big name brands.

No fancy packaging or hype, just hand constructed cables using premium components, 99.9% pure solid silver and made with absolute care and pride, so much so that I have put my name on them.

With the almost magical properties of pure silver, transmission is unhindered allowing music to sound as the recording artist intended, especially at very low signal levels.

With 100% confidence in my products, I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.