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PURE FINE SILVER - (Reference) - Balanced Symmetrical XLR Interconnects (Diamond Range) 1 x Pair

Regular price $264.00 AUD

Add our  (REFERENCE) BALANCED PURE SILVER SYMMETRICAL Interconnects to your system for the absolute Ultimate in Audio Quality

Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables:

  •  Polished 99.9% solid silver core signal & return conductors, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.) Solid core silver to minimise Skin Effect and oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy..
  • Spiral braided copper shielding to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) & EMI
  • Teflon insulator (with air gap technique) proven to be best insulator next to vacuum
  • Mylar Foil spiral wrapped resulting in overlapping to ensure minimum 130% coverage for additional shielding
  • EDPM outer casing for Excellent durability, flexibility and electrical properties
  • Finished with PET Expandable Braid for extra protection and visual aesthetics
  • Premium Audiophile quality Rhodium plated connectors
  • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mark Labbett
fantastic cables

title says it all, sound difference was immediate although at first all the bass seemed to disappear but this only lasted around 2 hours and after that it started coming back with some authority that was not present with the old cables, the mid range was smooth and refined and very natural the highs suffered with some sibilance on some tracks that i had not noticed before, but within 20-30 hours there was no more sibilance. sound is full, airy and open with detail galore, these are the real deal will be buying more as needed. Thanks Warwick

Thanks Mark,
always great to hear from another satisfied customer

Mark Labbett
Awsome cables

i bought a set of these and a set of the Sapphire RCA's, the difference was noticeable immediately, although at first the bass seemed to disappear and sibilance's where a bit edgy. 3 hours in and the bass started to return and the music really opened up, the detail that i was hearing in music that i had grown up with was amazing. 40 hours in and the sibilance issue had completely gone the music was now smooth as silk the bass had returned and was greater than before swapping the cables, not only is there more bass but it is sharper and more defined the mid range is like silk, so smooth and detailed and vocals carry the emotion of the music unlike i have heard before, I also noticed that notes that once seemed "smooth" are now actually textured, the high frequencies are full and airy and convey the sense of space so incredibly well and the imagining is spot on and a major improvement over my previous cables. The cables are really well made and i can see why Warwick offers a money back guarantee. Thank you Warwick i will be buying another set of XLR when i upgrade my power amp. For reference this is my
HQPlayer >
Audioquest carbon USB cable >
Robertson Audio Cables Ballanced interconnects >
Rotel RC-1572 MKII >
Robertson Audio Cables RCA interconnects >
Rotel RB-1582 >
Kimber Kable 12TC speaker cables >
Wharfedale Jade 7 speakers

Michael Scott
Some months on...

(I meant to comment on the Diamond range of cables, but posted this by mistake under your Saphire range)

I've been enjoying the improvements from connecting my sound system with your Diamond range silver interconnects throughout, plus your silver speaker cables, and could not be happier. It was wonderful from the beginning, with increases in clarity, imaging, control - you name it, everything improved! The sound has continued to do so, as you said it would, becoming even smoother & clearer after this time, to my even greater satisfaction. Thanks again!

Michael Scott
Most realistic sound

My Audio Research system was previously connected using the same brand’s expensive Litz cable.
Connecting Robertson cable between phono stage & preamp made a stunning improvement. Hard to believe the difference made by just a pair of interconnects! I'd never heard such detailed clarity and imaging from my LPs. For the first time on recordings that I know intimately I heard reflections from the back of the hall. I know this to be absolutely realistic since I spent decades of my life as a solo woodwind player in a professional symphony orchestra. I can remember the acoustics of recording spaces / concert halls after hundreds of rehearsals and performances in which I took part, and could now recognise them on recordings. I added more interconnects from the Diamond Range between CD player & preamp, then from pre to power amp. Each step brought a further increase in clarity, transient attack, longer sound decay, a tremendous improvement in bass strength and attack, more air & separation around the players and the most stunning improvement in imaging. Brass, especially trombone, now have the “fruity” quality that we usually only hear live as upper partials (harmonics) are so faithfully reproduced. I could go on but one word sums it up better than any other - it is simply so realistic. All of this at such a bargain price compared with what I was using previously! Thank you Warwick - but now I have to go through my entire collection of LPs and CDs again!

Thank you so much for your very detailed comments Michael, much appreciated.
Warwick Robertson

Herman Viser
A work of Art

I asked Warwick to make me a custom Y-cable using these silver cables. I use two studio monitors lying flat head to head, as the center channel for my home theater. I've had Y-cables made before, but this set is a work of art. Truly beautiful. Being an electrical engineer myself, and find great joy in excellent craftsmanship.

Great to hear you are happy with your 'Y' Cables Herman, very pleased I could fulfil your requirements.
thank you