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Pure Fine Silver & 99.9% OFC (Copper) Combination (BI WIRE) Speaker Cable Set (Priced as a Pair)

Regular price $510.00 AUD

Hand assembled Bi Wire/Bi Amp Speaker cables using premium quality components.

Perfection for Home Theatre or Hifi applications - Designed for a Flawless Sonic experience.

RAC Bi-Wire Speaker sets use dedicated conductors for the positive, negative, HF & LF. The combination of OF Copper & Pure Silver delivers  Extended Bass, Rich Velvet smooth Mids & superbly detailed Highs even at low listening levels.
Combine these with a set of RAC Silver Interconnects for the Ultimate listening experience.
High purity Oxygen Free Copper combined with 99.9% Fine Solid Core Silver.
For the Low Frequencies:
Conductor size:
  • 12 AWG 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)  
  • 7 groups of 60 Ultra Fine strands (total -  420 x 0.10mm x 2 cores
  • 21AWG (.4sqmm) Pure Silver Solid Core
For the High Frequencies:
  Conductor size:
  • 14 AWG 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)
  •   7 groups of 36 Ultra Fine strands (Total - 252 x 0.10mm x 2
  •  21AWG (.4sqmm)  Pure Solid Silver solid core.
  • Added Protection & attractive Polyester Black cable wrap
  • Options of Copper Spade or Banana Plug Terminal
  • All terminal/cable joints with reinforced Heavy Duty Glued heat shrink
  • Extra Long Amp Leads to enable either Horizontal or Vertical Bi Amping

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todd R
Easy musicality in a set of cables!

Thanks RAC for my set of bi-wires. These cables have expanded the sound stage and extracted a few extra musical traits that were strained prior to upgrade. Having been a big fan of Monster cable (which I now realise is on the commercial side of average) I was keen to try these.
Listening to Enya's Orinocco Flow on Hi-Res via qobuz shows the additional clarity in a slightly wider and more pronounced sound stage.
Bryan Ferry's Dance Away on HiRes 192 adds tweaks, echo's and rattles I've actually never noticed before.
I burnt them in as per instructions and noted an improvement after at least 40 hours of continuous play.
I also splashed and upgraded my interconnects with RAC Silver series. WOW! These cables bring my DAC further to life. I find myself smiling adding this final touch, I can now enjoy my music!
Playing with filters on my DAC prior to cable upgrade, it was apparent the cable was extracting the additional depth and openness.

It's a must try, At the price point vs HiFi store marked up pricing, simply unbeatable. I'm happy to support local AU business, and after contacting Warwick a few times to discuss connectors, I'm glad I did buy from here.

I use these on my older, 'warmer' English vintage setup:

For reference:
Arcam Series 8 Pre-Amp and Power Amp (Bi-Amped)
Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Towers
Monitor Audio ASW-100 Sub
Topping DX3 Pro+ DAC
Pioneer PLX-1000 TT
Robertson Audio Cable - Bi-Wires with Silver
Robertson Audio Cable - Silver Interconnects (DAC + AMP)

Michael Scott
The icing on the cake

After upgrading all the interconnects in my Audio Research system with Warwick's Saphire and Diamond cables I decided to complete it with his Bi Wire speaker cables. The improvements realised by the interconnects are now all the more obvious, the speaker cables, like on open window, allowing through such clarity that I find quite a revelation. I know what music should sound like, having been a member of a professional symphony orchestra all my life - now I've got one in my living room! This is really exciting - thanks Warwick!

2.0 Meter bi wire speaker sable

Burn in after 200 hours.
This cable brings me close to the music event with clean levels of detail in all registered that I can hear. No harness or sibilant rather very elegant. The lows are real and addictive. I wish I had bought the 3 meter length cable to test with my other heavy speakers that are hard to move. I love them. Well done Robert and thanlk you.