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Pure Fine Silver & 99.9% OFC (Copper) Combination Speaker Cable Set (Priced as a Pair)

Regular price $245.00 AUD

Hand assembled Speaker cables using premium quality components.

Achieving the best Qualities of both OFCopper & Pure Silver - Extended Bass, Rich Velvet smooth Mids & Detailed Highs. Couple these together with a set of RAC Silver Interconnect for unbelievable detail, even at the lowest of listening levels

Perfect for Home Theatre or Hifi applications - Designed for a Flawless Sonic experience

  • 12AWG  Fine Strand 99.99% OFC 2  Core 
  • Rope Lay Woven (7 Groups x 60 Strands = 420 Strands Total)
  • Positive conductor combined with 21AWG (.4sqmm) 99.9 Pure Solid Silver solid core 
  • Attractive Polyester Black cable wrap
  • Copper Spade Speaker terminal
  • Copper Conductor Banana Plugs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Tim Bariss
    Love these cables

    Really added air and space to my PMC Twentyfive.26 speakers. So impressed i bought a second pair for my Dynaudio Special 40s.

    Thank you Tim for you comments, always great to receive feedback & so glad you are totally satisfied withyour cables

    Excellent Value

    I recently purchased a set of RAC speaker cables for my relatively entry level system and all I can is...wow. My speakers have really come alive and there is a lot more texture and detail in the mids and bass especially. It's been immediately noticable. I'm still burning these in and I can't wait to hear how they sound after this process, and ultimately when I upgrade my speakers. I was previously skeptical about investing in speaker cables but I've been blown away to be honest. I'll definitely be purchasing again.

    Thank you for your comments Raj, it's always great getting feedback and so happy you are pleased with your speaker wires, if you upgrade your speakers you may be interested in the Elite speaker cables..... a whole new level.
    Thanks again

    Joshua B
    Exceeded my expectations

    I purchased these due to wanting to try silver in my system. I felt my system had a kind of veil that was not allowing me to hear all the details I should. When I first connected the RAC speaker cables straight away I noticed a more extended treble however the image was messy and not as 3D as the cables I had in before which were 3x the price of the RAC speaker cable. This was initial however after just a couple of hours everything started to come into focus and now after 25-30+ hours they are performing better than my previous cables worth 3x the price of these. Honestly feel like these speaker cables as well as the XLR and power cables I’ve purchased from RAC have lifted a veil from my speakers. Background is blacker and treble is more extended without becoming bright or harsh. Cannot recommend highly enough, the cables are a bargain when they can out perform another well known brand name cable at 3x the cost!

    Thank you Joshua,
    always nice to hear such great comments
    Warwick Robertson

    Ken Pell
    Balance at last!

    Thanks Warwick. Short story: already have 2 cables more expensive than these. VDH 352 super bass and mids lacked treble, QED Genesis great mids and treble lacked bass. Took a punt on your cable and now have a beautiful balanced output: low, mid and upper ranges detailed and fluid. Given the quality build and superb sound these are a true audiophile bargain. As others have said great to purchase off an Aussie builder.


    Thanks Ken, always rewarding to receive such great feedback, happy listening, enjoy !

    Darren Skilton
    Quality and its local

    Pure Silver & 99.99% OF Copper Combination Speaker Cable Set 2.0 Meter / Banana / Spade ( Speaker End)

    Speaker Post Jumpers - Pure Silver/99.99% OF Copper Combo - 1 x Set (4 pcs)

    Hi Warwick
    Just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with my cables I bought from you they have really opened up my system and have been well worth the price (to be honest its like a new stereo). I was looking at upgrading my speakers but I feel i can put that on hold for a while and enjoy what I have now.
    Once again many thanks and might I say it was great to buy a product from a local business.