ELITE Single Crystal OCC / Pure Silver combination Speaker Cables (sold as a Pair)

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Robertson Audio Cables are once again very excited to offer the All New ELITE - range of Speaker cables. 

Using Single crystal (also known as single-crystal or monocrystalline) oxygen-free copper (OCC)  high-purity copper conductors & the perfect balance of Ultra Pure 99.99% fine silver allows for superior conductivity and a lower resistance to electrical current resulting in improved overall sound staging, quality, reduced distortion and providing a cleaner, more detailed and dynamic sound compared to other types of copper. It can also help to reduce noise and interference, resulting in a more precise and accurate audio signal.

Whether using alone or in conjunction with any of the RAC range of cables will deliver high-quality, clear & consistent sound that will enhance your listening experience allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music.

Pair these with the recently released Elite range of balanced & unbalance interconnects for the absolute ultimate listening experience, hear your music like never before.

Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables:
The Elite Speaker cables have been reviewed by an independent source (Shane Stephenson) & blind tested against other reference quality cables with Incredible results.

See the full detailed review here:

  • 11AWG Single Crystal OCC - 5N ( Copper)  PTFE Insulated
  • Polished ULTRA PURE 99.99% Silver Conductors  Specially heat treated for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy
  • Teflon insulators - using air gap technique (Silver Conductors)
  • New low noise carbon fibre insulated audiophile quality Rhodium plated Copper Banana or spade terminals 
  • Attractive matching silver carbon fibre cable splitters
  • Hand constructed cabling
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Michael Scott
A wonderful improvement

I've been using these Elite Speaker Cables now for over 120 hours, in a 4 metre length, completing the cabling in my system by adding to the "naked" interconnects also from RAC which use the same high purity silver. They didn't actually need any burning in. Although improving during the time I've been using them they showed their qualities immediately from new. A single pair replacing my previous bi-wire set, these speaker cables provide greater transparency, letting through even more nuances and detail right across the range from the highest high to the lowest lows. Bass sounds are tighter and much stronger. Highs are really sweet and extended with not a trace of glare or harshness. Transients and attack are brilliant and fast! Surprisingly, there's more volume than before with the same amp setting. These Elite Speaker Cables are beautifully made & terminated and have given my sound system a huge boost in quality. They're also terrific value for money. Thank you, Warwick!

Thank you so much Michael for your wonderful product review! I greatly appreciate your kind words and are thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with the Elite range of cables. Your feedback means a lot & inspires us to continue delivering high-quality products that meet our customers' needs.
Kind Regards
Warwick Robertson.