ELITE Single Crystal OCC / Pure Silver combination Speaker Cables (sold as a Pair)

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Robertson Audio Cables are once again very excited to offer the All New ELITE - range of Speaker cables. 

Using Single crystal (also known as single-crystal or monocrystalline) oxygen-free copper (OCC)  high-purity copper conductors & the perfect balance of Ultra Pure 99.99% fine silver allows for superior conductivity and a lower resistance to electrical current resulting in improved overall sound staging, quality, reduced distortion and providing a cleaner, more detailed and dynamic sound compared to other types of copper. It can also help to reduce noise and interference, resulting in a more precise and accurate audio signal.

Whether using alone or in conjunction with any of the RAC range of cables will deliver high-quality, clear & consistent sound that will enhance your listening experience allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music.

Pair these with the recently released Elite range of balanced & unbalance interconnects for the absolute ultimate listening experience, hear your music like never before.

Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables:
The Elite Speaker cables have been reviewed by an independent source (Shane Stephenson) & blind tested against other reference quality cables with Incredible results.

See the full detailed review here:

  • 11AWG Single Crystal OCC - 5N ( Copper)  PTFE Insulated
  • Polished ULTRA PURE 99.99% Silver Conductors  Specially heat treated for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy
  • Teflon insulators - using air gap technique (Silver Conductors)
  • New low noise carbon fibre insulated audiophile quality Rhodium plated Copper Banana or spade terminals 
  • Attractive matching silver carbon fibre cable splitters
  • Hand constructed cabling
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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