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PREMIUM - DIGITAL AUDIO/ VIDEO Coaxial Cables (Opal Range)

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  • STUNNING Silver Plated Serial Digital, for high performance video or coaxial digital audio
  • 24AWG solid OFC core coated with high purity Silver - provides superior transmission with high frequency “Skin Effect”
  • Nitrogen injected PE dielectric and 100% screen doubleshielding for enhanced signal integrity
  • Pearl PVC high tensile outer jacket 5mm O. Provides excellent pull strength and durability without compromising flexibility



Conductors 24AWG 1/0.50mm Solid Silver Plated 99.9998% OFC
Insulation FPE Dielectric - natural colour
Shield 100% double shield by way of;
Mylar coated Al-foil wrap + 16x7/0.12mm TC braid
Outer Jacket 7mm Diameter color coded high tensile pearl PVC
Conductor Resistance 0.090 ohms/m @20 C
Capacitance 59.63 pF/m @ 1kHz
Inductance 0.391 uH/m @ 1kHz
Nominal Impedance 75 ohm - for analogue video or coaxial digital audiouse

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Digital delivery!

Someone said you can't change 1's and 0's.
But it seems you can change the way they're delivered! The Opal Digital Coax provided a noticeable difference in my system from the get-go. More space, more airiness, and a more defined leading and trailing edge to each note, particularly keyboards and bass. Highly recommended and a beautiful cable to boot. The pearlescent outer sheath even matches my existing high-end cable brand.

Michael Scott
This was a surprise

Replacing my previous "good quality" audio / visual cable with this one from Robertson Audio brought quite a transformation, to my great surprise. Connecting my CD player to an external DAC, there was immediately a smoother top end, tighter bass, more air, definition and detail, all obvious within the first few seconds. Who would have thought a digital signal could be improved so much by the cable! Thanks again Warwick, for such an improvement at a very modest cost.

Tony Osicka
Another Winner

After a request for a Coax.
Robertson Cables has done it again.
Awesome cable for not a lot of money.

First purchase was unbalanced rca same thing.

Thanks Tony Osicka