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ACSS - Reference - Interconnect cable for Audio-GD mini XLR 3 pin ( female)

Regular price $199.00 AUD
This  is our Reference Line ACSS Cable. It consists of  Teflon Insulated 24AWG 99.9% Solid Core Pure Fine Silver conductors. 
 Designed to deliver a huge sound stage lots of air, tight controlled bass & 
 the finest of detail, for a flawless Sonic Experience
Although these cables are flexible, due to their Solid Core construction, are not suitable for use in a portable application.
Hand polished 99.9% Fine solid core silver, soft annealed 24 AWG solid core to eliminate Skin Effect. Silver conductivity unaffected by oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.
    • Spiral braided copper shielding to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
    • 3 conductors per lead
    • Teflon insulator (with air gap) 
    • Quality Mini XLR Plugs (Female)
    • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
    • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
    • Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Le toullec
acss magique

Bonjour, je suis français après avoir beaucoup hésité j'ai commandé le câble acss l'expédition et les frais de douane pour la France double le prix. Première écoute de 30 min car pas le temps je vois tout de suite que c'est beaucoup mieux mais pas le temps de bien comprendre les améliorations. Un samedi après midi à faire le test et la une claque avec jean Michel jarre équinoxe. La Seine sonore est plus large qu'avant et revient sur l'avant alors avant elle était dans le fond de ma pièce, les notes sont plus nette détouré plus aéré beaucoup de détails dans l'aigu et le médium et grave tendue qui gagne en impact. À ce prix là c'est impressionnant. Ampli audio gd master 10 dac audio gd he 7 r2r ladder dac enceintes jm lab diva utopia denon 3910 barrette secteur furutech e-tp609e cable furutech diy le plus haut de gamme. Achetez les yeux fermés.

Thank you for your comments Christophe, I hope you don't mind but have translated your review for our English reading viewers.
Hello, I am French after having hesitated a lot I ordered the acss cable shipping and the customs charges for France double the price. First listening of 30 min because not the time I see immediately that it is much better but not the time to fully understand the improvements. A Saturday afternoon to do the test and the slap with Jean Michel jarre equinoxe. The sound Seine is wider than before and comes back to the front so before it was in the back of my room, the notes are sharper, more airy, a lot of details in the highs and the tense medium and low end which gains impact. At this price it is impressive. Audio amplifier gd master 10 dac audio gd he 7 r2r ladder dac speakers jm lab diva utopia denon 3910 furutech e-tp609e cable furutech diy the most upscale.
Buy with your eyes closed.

Steven Rubin
ACSS Audio-gd IC's

I have some 24awg ACSS cables made out of silver 99.99998% OCC litz.

I bought these 99.99% solid core silver IC's on the hope that pure silver core may outperform litz.

It did. The detil is vastly improved. The soundstage is noticeably larger and the tone is fuller. These exceed my $3,500 RCA solid silver IC's.

Highly Recommended for those who have Audio-gd DAC and Audio-gd preamp or amp. with ACSS outputs and inputs.

Thanks so much for your great comments Stephen and your patience and understanding for the delay in receiving your order due to the International border closures, the end result was worth the wait.

ACSS Reference

Superb ACSS interconnect. Firstly, it is a very musical cable, allowing you to close your eyes and immerse in the music. The frequency range is balanced with tight base, beautiful mids and accurate treble. Sounds stage is natural with musical instruments and voices focused and not diffused. Bravo.