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PURE FINE SILVER - ULTRA LOW CAPACITANCE Unbalanced RCA Audio Cables (Diamond Range) 1 x Pair

Regular price $148.00 AUD

Add our audiophile-grade Unbalanced RCA Interconnect Cables in your system to connect preferred audio devices including CD Players, Amplifiers, DACs, PreAmps, Power amps and media players for outstanding detail & sound quality.

These cables are not recommended for Turntable/Phono Stage. 
Please refer to the RAC Ruby Range.

On rear occasions, Low Capacitance cables can be susceptible to interference/noise if placed to close to an electrical source or power leads. If interference is detected, rerouting of the offending power leads or Interconnects may resolve this issue 


Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables:

  •  Polished 99.9% solid silver core signal & return conductors, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.) Solid core silver to minimise Skin Effect and oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy..
  • Spiral braided copper shielding to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) & EMI
  • Teflon insulator (with air gap technique) proven to be best insulator next to vacuum
  • Mylar Foil spiral wrapped resulting in overlapping to ensure minimum 130% coverage for additional shielding
  • EDPM outer casing for Excellent durability, flexibility and electrical properties
  • Finished with PET Expandable Braid for extra protection and visual aesthetics
  • Ultra low Capacitance 33pf @ 1meter to minimise attenuation of higher frequencies giving music a completely neutral, revealing & airy presence.
  • Audiophile quality, Rhodium Plated with Carbon Fibre Barrel insert RCA plugs (Twist Lock)
  • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Affordable good quality silver cables!

I needed a 3mtr cable to connect from my preamp to my active speakers. So impressed I was with Warrick's Elite Rcas, and much as I wanted to shell out and get a 3mtr pair, but cost was a barrier to me. I decided to order a pair of the Diamonds instead. When i received them, i had a small hum issue with them, through no fault of the cable as Warrick mentioned that these are low capacitance cables and may pick up some noise when placed close an electrical source. I contacted Warrick and he immediately offered to do a slight modification to my Diamonds and sent them back within a few days. Well the modded Diamonds worked a treat! Quiet as a fly's f@rt. Soundwise you asked? As others have pointed out, my impressions mirror's theirs. The Diamond series are highly transparent to the source it is connected to. But it does so in a very refined way, which you can only get with expensive cables. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for both a quality product and excellent customer service!

Thank you Shankar, happy to hear we resolved your hum issue, enjoy

David Bonser
Fantastic interconnect and a noticable upgrade

Thank you so much for making great interconnects. I placed these cables between my DAC and amplifier. There was a definite and immediate improvement over the Wireworld cables I had in there prior. It wasn't even a subtle. Incredibly noticeable on all factors (clarity, definition, soundstage, depth, and frequency response). This is the second set of Robertson cables I have ordered and I have no hestitation recommending them at all. In fact, I have just ordered a coaxial cable to complete the setup. Looking forward to see how that goes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

David B

RCA diamond

Best cable upgrade ever! Made a huge difference connecting DAC to amp. With the Harbeth P3 xd speakers the top end opened up considerably with greater detail and air (compared to existing high end Wireworld interconnect!).
Great Job! ….. I was seriously getting bored with the Harbeth sound before this cable!!!

Always good to hear such great feedback.
Thank you Chandan

Matt Willims
Great value cables

Fantastically detailed cables with a wide open sound stage. I'd call these extremely neutral. They're not bright sounding, nor bright nor warm. They just let the signal through unimpeded.

This is by no means a bad thing. It simply means that if you want colour you'll need to add it elsewhere in the sound chain.

Thanks for your comments Matt, was a pleasure dealing with you.

Incredible clarity and detail

Build quality is top notch, you can tell this is a work of passion by RAC. You don't often find this level of commitment to an engineering discipline. Crystal clear accurate sound reproduction and incredible detail! you could spend significantly more on RCA cables elsewhere but still not get this level of quality! I AM SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED!