PURE FINE SILVER - ULTRA LOW CAPACITANCE Unbalanced RCA Audio Cables (Diamond Range) 1 x Pair

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Add our audiophile-grade Unbalanced RCA Interconnect Cables in your system to connect preferred audio devices including CD Players, Amplifiers, DACs, PreAmps, Power amps and media players for outstanding detail & sound quality.

These cables are not recommended for Turntable/Phono Stage. 
Please refer to the RAC Ruby Range.

On rear occasions, Low Capacitance cables can be susceptible to interference/noise if placed to close to an electrical source or power leads. If interference is detected, rerouting of the offending power leads or Interconnects may resolve this issue 



Why Choose Robertson Audio Cables:

  • Hand polished 99.9% solid silver core signal feed & return/earth, soft annealed 24 AWG (.5mm Dia.) Solid core to eliminate Skin Effect. Silver conductivity unaffected by oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.
  • Ultra low Capacitance 33pf @ 1meter to minimise attenuation of higher frequencies giving music a completely neutral, revealing & airy presence.
  • Spiral braided copper shielding to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) & EMI
  • Teflon insulator (with air gap techique) best insulator next to a vacuum
  • Audiophile quality Eutectic Copper, Rhodium Plated with Carbon Fibre Barrel insert RCA plugs (Twist Lock)
  • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
  • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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