Hi End 100% Shielded Audio Power Cables (DIAMOND) 1.5mm Dia. conductors - Ideal for the Power Hungry High Current Amplifiers

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  • Oxygen free tinned annealed copper wire braid with Aluminium/PET tape.
  • Oxygen free tinned annealed High Purity 1.5mm. Copper wire conductors, class 5 for high conductivity 
  • UV Resistant PVC sheath
  • RoHS compliant to European environmental requirements.
  • Rating: 18Amps
  • High Quality  Audio Grade 24k Gold Plated Australian/NZ. 3 Pin Male & Female IEC C15 Connector.
  • Attractive Black/Grey Cotton Mixed PET Yarn Soft  Wrap 
  • Plugs & cables certified to Aust/NZ Standard - SAA / CE
  • Assembled in Australia & supplied with Test & Tag

Addition of this cable will result in significant reductions in distortion caused by EMI and RFI compared to a standard AC cable, all this will result in better imaging a cleaner wider 3D sound-stage, more air and presence with increased detail.

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