ACSS - Reference - Interconnect cable for Audio-GD mini XLR 3 pin ( female)

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This  is our Reference Line ACSS Cable. It consists of  Teflon Insulated 24AWG 99.99% Solid Core Pure Silver conductors. 
 Designed to deliver a huge sound stage lots of air, tight controlled bass & 
 the finest of detail, for a flawless Sonic Experience
Although these cables are flexible, due to their Solid Core construction, are not suitable for use in a portable application.
Hand polished 99.9% solid core silver, soft annealed 24 AWG solid core to eliminate Skin Effect. Silver conductivity unaffected by oxidation (tarnishing) unlike copper wires for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy.
    • Spiral braided copper shielding to reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
    • 3 conductors per lead
    • Teflon insulator (with air gap) 
    • Quality Mini XLR Plugs (Female)
    • Cardas Quad eutectic solder used on all joints
    • Each cable tested after assembly & retested prior to sending
    • Satisfaction Guarantee

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