Pure Silver & 99.99% OF Copper Combination Speaker Cables - 1 x Pair

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Hand assembled Speaker cables using premium quality components.
Achieving the best Qualities of both OFCopper & Pure Silver - Extended Bass, Rich Velvet smooth Mids & Detailed Highs.
Perfect for Home Theatre or Hifi applications - Designed for a Flawless Sonic experience
  • 12AWG  Fine Strand 99.99% OFC 2  Core 
  • Rope Lay Woven (7 Groups x 60 Strands = 420 Strands Total)
  • Combined with 21AWG (.4sqmm) 99.9 Pure Solid Silver solid core
  • Attractive Polyester Black cable wrap
  • Copper Spade Speaker terminal
  • Copper Conductor Banana Plugs

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